"Giving Tuesday" is a day in November when people all over the world give to charities to help those in need. However, people need help NOW!

In honor of #GivingTuesdayNow, which kicks off on Tuesday, May 5th, we are launching our own initiative called, Give for Good.

Give for Good is not a campaign, it is a commitment. It is a commitment to our children and a commitment to you. It is a commitment to transparency with your generosity and an opportunity for you to know just how your funds are being used to make a difference in the education, mental health and lives of our children at ITEC.

As our students continue to adjust to life away from our Centers, the mental health and support of our children is just as important as the education they are learning. Being disconnected from the Centers brings loneliness, decrease in self-confidence and engagement with others.

To kick off, Give for Good, we are making a commitment to purchasing 1,000 Tablets to support the education and mental health of our children as they continue to learn, train and grow at home away from our Centers.

Each tablet will cost $300 and while we are looking for supporters to sponsor tablets, we are looking for any donation to help us achieve our need for our students.


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